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10 Vital Tips To Teach Your Kids a Second Language

After spending years working on the ground with daycare centres and parents from all over the world, I've discovered exactly how kids best learn multiple languages. Want to know the best part? It's not as hard as you think! 

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In such a globalised world, have you ever wondered how you can best prepare your kids?

Do you want to give your kids a head start by teaching them a language but don't know where to start?

Or are you struggling to find ways to engage your child in their minority language and need a plan to keep the momentum going? 

As a mama of 2, and kids language educator, I decided to take the pain out of the process & create a program that you can confidently run in your own home - Want to know the best part? Your kids will have so much fun they wont even know they're learning! 

We make it SUPER easy for you!

Inside our monthly membership, you will receive brand new weekly lessons delivered through immersion videos, play-based lesson plans, phonetic flashcards, and age-appropriate worksheets... We've done all the hard work for you so you can simply play your way to fluency!

Which language will you start with?


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"Early childhood is the best possible time to learn a language."

- World Economic Forum - 2016

By joining 'The Cultured Home', you can expect to:


 1. Give your child a head start through the many benefits of learning a language.

2. Teach your child a language, even if you don't speak one!

3. Introduce your child to native speakers from the comfort of your home.

4. Increase levels of language exposure from a young age.

5. Feel supported and encouraged by a community of like-minded families.

6. Reduce stress, anxiety and overwhelm about where to start.

7. Boost your confidence and overall happiness levels using our step by step approach.

8. Have FUN in the process!

Here's What You Get Inside 'The Cultured Home' 12 Monthly Membership

A practical and engaging membership providing step-by-step instruction for teaching the foundations of a language to your child at an age when their brains are hardwired to learn them.

52 Immersive Video Lessons

Learning a language has never been more fun with our early childhood language videos!

Designed to immerse your child into a whole new world, our language videos use native speakers to introduce over 300 new vocabulary words and short phrases featuring over 20 different topics in a fun format, making it incredibly easy to build on each week.

Each week you will receive a new video lesson that will introduce vocabulary words and short phrases focused on a variety of topics. 


Over 200 Language Flashcards

Our custom illustrated flashcards are a wonderful resource, used to introduce and reinforce the target vocabulary heard in our video lessons. Designed to include the phonetic pronunciation, these cards are a fantastic tool which are particularly helpful if you don't speak the language.

  • Each week, you will receive new individual digital flashcards that correspond with the new words being introduced in our video lessons. These are compatible with your tablet or phone or simply print them out and hang them around your child's bedroom.

52 Play-based Lesson Plans.

Throughout your membership you will receive weekly lessons containing a wide variety of play-based activities designed to engage your child. Each lesson is designed to be taught over a 30 minute period and can be run as often as you like with the understanding that, the more exposure to the target language, the better.

  • Each week you will receive a structured lesson plan that is designed to be outworked in partnership with your video lessons. These help reinforce new vocabulary focused on a variety of topics.

52 Language Worksheets

Our worksheets are designed to reinforce vocabulary that has been introduced each week and used as a teaching tool to help your child not only speak French but identify the written word. 

First you say it, then you colour it and finally you write it. 

  • Each week you will receive a printable language worksheet that is designed to be outworked after every lesson.  

"Increase the level of exposure your child has to your target language!"

Whether your child learns a language at preschool or they hear it fluently in your home, we have created an age appropriate subscription that will considerably increase your child's access to the language!



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SPANISH - Coming Soon

ITALIAN - Coming Soon

"Raising a bilingual baby has been way tougher than José and I ever expected. We know these are Millie's formative years and her learning Spanish has always been important to us. However, with myself as primary carer and José not having his family around, we're not doing a great job of it...yet. So grateful the humans we love over at The Cultured Kid have created this kick-ass incredible venture so Amelie and I can get this learning Spanish thing done right."

Katrina Huergo
Mother to Amelie (1)

"I had always wanted to learn another language before having kids in hopes to raise my kids bilingual. Knowing how difficult I found learning a second language was in school made me want for an easier method for my kids. Well, the kids are here and I am still only fluent in English. I figured I had missed my chance. That is, at least until I found The Cultured Kid. Josiah, my 3yo, loves the flash cards. My husband, 30yo, loves the design. These cards are always out and are used daily. The instructions provided are so encouraging in helping me teach a language that I don't yet know. We carry the vocab learned from the flashcards throughout our day-to-day and find ourselves speaking French often. The Cultured Kid's flashcards have been an easy way to introduce a new language. Josiah thinks he's playing a game, but he's also building a great foundation in French. "

Mel DeFelice
Mother to Josiah (3)

"I have loved playing together with my toddlers with the beautifully designed and sturdy Cultured Kid Flashcards, their interest in the French translation has happened organically so the kids feel like they're playing more than being taught. The cards are a constant companion in the car, on airplanes and all over the home. Can't wait to see their familiarity with French continue to grow!"

Lesley Ligthelm
Mother to Haryn (3) and Aeya (1)

"After the first week of french lessons our daughters (2 & 5) were cheerfully singing French songs at bedtime and on car trips. What they learned on the flash cards they still remember and my eldest seemed to learn more at home with us doing it together than at French lessons. I really enjoyed learning with them too!"

Kym Basoka
Mama of 2

"My daughter loved doing two terms of French at Margaret Street when you were doing them there a few years ago. Three years later, she can still count to ten! "

Viola Wong
Mother to Miranda (7)

"Teach the foundations of a language in as little as 30 minutes a week!"


Here are some of the MANY benefits of learning a language as a child:

Better Attention Span

Increased Confidence

Perform Higher on Test Scores

Experience Strong Logic Skills

Long Term Mental Toughness

Increased Language Ability

Increase in Job Options

Educational Advantage

Hi, I'm Shannon!

After living in New York City for a number of years with my young family and raising them in a melting pot of language and culture I LOVED that my kids had a global perspective on life from a young age.

After returning to Sydney however, I couldn't find any early childhood programs that would continue to expand their world so I created one and now regardless of where you live, you can also teach the foundation of a language from the comforts of your own home! 



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SPANISH - Coming Soon

ITALIAN - Coming Soon


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